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We create audio hardware like no other for people who get high from good sound, enjoy the emotions that their favourite music gives, and are ready to up-grade themselves as a listener and performer.

Catharus Audio team consists of sound engineers, technicians and musicians. People for whom music is not only a profession, but also the lifelong light.

Therefore, the equipment provided by Catharus Audio ensures flawless sound transmission. You hear the sound as it should be according to the plan of its creators.

Our philosophy declares that music is pure creative energy, and we are here so that you can fully feel all its possibilities.

Our Products and Services
Audio speakers and audio systems

We create active acoustic systems using our own technology. They are perfect for listening to music and watching movies, as well as for professional use in music recording studios. Our hardware is unique in its design. The best manufacturers from the USA, Germany and Denmark offer a rich sound assortment and the highest quality of components. You will get a clear emotional sound transmission regardless of the music genre: whether it’s classical, heavy metal, reggae or pop style. You will feel every note as if there are no barriers between you and the music. Only pure emotions and pleasure!

Turnkey Home Cinemas+

We provide a full range of services, starting from the development of interior and acoustic design of premises and ending with the manufacture of decorative acoustic panels and equipment installation. High-quality components and a large dynamic range allow you to achieve a powerful, voluminous and bright sound with many shades, as in the world’s best cinemas. Moreover, the unique thoughtful design provides premium comfort.

Turnkey Music Recording Studios

Our team implements projects of any complexity – from small home studios for amateur musicians taking their first steps in the world of professional sound recording, to huge studios with dedicated space for mastering and recording of musical bands. We solve any design, delivery and installation tasks. Catharus Audio manufactures specialized equipment, for example, analog tube devices for perfect recording.

Audio equipment for cafes, restaurants and night clubs

We provide technical equipment for any venues where good sound is needed. Our company cooperates with restaurants, cafes, bars, concert halls and shopping centers. Catharus Audio supplies audio speakers, sound systems and subwoofers. Our team offers everything necessary to ensure that the sound is distributed evenly regardless of the technical characteristics of the room, remaining strong and pleasant at both low and high volumes.

Furniture with built-in audio systems

In partnership with one of the best furniture factories in Europe, we manufacture custom furniture with built-in audio systems. Our audio devices can be set into any piece of furniture. Invisible acoustics integrated into a desk or chest of drawers do not create visual noise that violates the harmony of the space. In addition, we can produce acoustics in any finish combined with any interior design, becoming its organic part.

Acoustic cables

Using our unique proprietary technology, we produce acoustic cables that ensure flawless, accurate and clean sound transmission without any distortion. Cables can be used both in everyday life, for connecting any audio devices, and for solving professional tasks: tracks recording, music mixing and mastering.

Ultra Professional sound equipment and accessories

Our team produces sound equipment for professional musicians. Microphones and preamps provided by Catharus Audio have no analogues. Musicians will definitely appreciate the excellent quality, incredible transparency and multi-color sound that can be achieved with its help.

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