HomeAudio Speakers (v.3.1): White Gloss

Each speaker has five loudspeakers and a built-in amplifier, which emphasizes its self-sufficiency. Just plug this music speaker into an outlet, connect it with a Jack cable and enjoy the professional sound. Audio cable is not included, but you can buy it at our shop. Moreover, our cables are designed for the most accurate and clear sound transmission.

You will feel the charm and all the advantages of this speakers when watching a movie or listening to your favorite song. You will get an incredible gain where you need to add sound. The home audio speakers will convey the lyrical moment of the song so that you will not be able to hold back tears. It’s not for nothing that we worked on the entire spectrum of frequencies.

This model has different finishes. The front and back panels imitate the leather. In this configuration, you can close the speakers with a fabric grille, if it is fundamentally important for you not to see the speakers.

The price is for one pair (2 speakers)
Delivery cost is not included in the price