CA-AT1 Audio Table (v2): American Walnut

Just connect this desk to your gadget or computer and that's it! You can take advantage of four built-in speakers at once. Do you need bass? You are welcome! One of the speakers offers a surround low bass sound. No additional wires are required. The desk has built-in sockets and the organization of all cords is thought out. You can arrange the system unit as you wish.

If you are a fan of adventure, shooting and other games where a sense of presence is important, then we have bad news – with this table you risk falling out of reality for an indefinite period. High-quality and clear sound not only transmits all the special effects, but also makes the desk vibrate. The same effect persists when watching a movie. So you don’t have to spent your time going in cinemas, because you have your own private cinema hall.

And now a little bit about other features and key elements of the super-table. Two drawers for small things are made with smooth closing. The desk can be adjusted in height. You don’t need a hexagon wrench for this, just press the button.

In order for this piece of furniture to start pleasing you with its uniqueness, it is enough to perform two simple steps: connect the wire from the built-in amplifier to the audio output of your device and plug the table into the socket. We provide you with a 3.5 mm Stereo jack wire (included).

Well, do you want to buy it already? Then choose a finish and buy it now. Be sure, this table will become a real attraction of your home!

Delivery cost is not included in the price