SoundWall Audio Speakers (v.2.1): Black Gloss

What if I could listen to my favourite band live performance sitting at home? Oh, yes, we know the answers to these questions. That is why we invite you to get to know our equipment better. These speakers have seven speakers with integrated amplifier, an organic design and just one wire to detonate a bomb of sound and impressions.

You definitely haven’t heard such a sound yet! Harsh bass or gentle melody can be customized. The sounds will caress your ear and soul. You will feel it. In addition, most importantly, it will not be an outside, but a natural, clean, rich sound. Because all frequency spectrum work in this audio speakers.

By the way, the column can not only be placed on the floor, but also built into the wall and into furniture. Thus, saving the place and betraying a little chic. So, it’s perfect for top home entertainment systems.

We recommend using an XLR cable for connection. It is not included, but we make them to order. Believe me, such cables cannot be compared with wires sold by the mass market and perfectly mach to our speakers.

The price is for one pair (2 speakers)
Delivery cost is not included in the price